Money & Therapy: What do you want to know?!

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"What do I do when I tell a potential client my fee and the "dreaded pause" happens? "What, exactly, do I tell a client when I want to raise the fee?" "How do I KNOW if my fee is reasonable?" "If I raise my fees and all the other therapist raise their fees, what happens to [...]

Women In-Depth Podcast: The Money Mirror

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When was the last time you had an open and refreshing convo with another person about money? A client? A colleague? Your OWN therapist?! You know I'm on a mission to dispel that fucking money taboo by encouraging us all to talk openly about money - come what may. This is exactly what Lourdes Viado, PhD, [...]

Haters in the HiZOUSE: How to deal with professional shade

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Something is in the AIR! I recently heard from not one, but two of you who had similar stories to share. It went a little something like this: You, the therapist in private practice, get yer hands on my 10 Myths of Therapists Believe Around Setting Their Fees article. It knocks your socks off. You [...]

Ask Tiffany: How Levana Smashed the 90-Day Challenge

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Back in December, 2016, I challenged my entire HeyTiffany tribe to start out 2017 with a BANG! Each week, I sent my peeps an email, a video lesson, and a worksheet that would set you up to achieve a remarkable private practice goal within the first 90-days of 2017. And - heh heh - for [...]

Cheese-Filled Hot Dogs and Other Signs of Wealth

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You remember when those hot dogs came out that were already filled with cheese?! I remember the first time I heard about this amazing phenomenon. I was five-ish and I was visiting my "rich" friend Kevin's house. Kevin had all the brilliant treats - Otter Pops, a Hot Wheel's Track and CHEESE FILLED HOT DOGS. To me, [...]

Ask Tiffany: What the Hell is Guest Posting w/Sana Choudary!

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So - the week before last I told you about my buddy, Sana, the guest posting expert. I emailed you about how you could use guest posting to get in front of hundreds or even thousands of potential clients. You remember! I know you do because I got tons of responses, like these: ​ ​AND [...]

Ask Tiffany: 3 Questions to Help You Figure Out if Your Niche is Narrow Enough

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In this week's episode, we dismantled the idea that "working with men who have depression" and other such categories really qualify as niching. We're going to dive deep and help you answer, "Is my niche narrow enough?!" by giving you three questions that you can ask yourself.  Click Here to Watch! [...]

Free CEU Webinar Course about Money Talk in Therapy

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In a 2014 poll, 72% of Americans reported that they'd felt stressed about money at some point in the past month. AND - when I conducted my own poll back in 2015, 70% of therapists reported that they felt "guilt, anxiety and conflict" when thinking about money. So, we've got stressed out clients who are desperate [...]

Ask Tiffany: How Narrow Should My Niche Be? Guest Starring Agnes Wainman!

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This is a very exciting episode of "Ask Tiffany: A Video Series for Therapreneurs" where Leslie asks: Tiffany, how narrow should my niche be and why? All the experts say, "NICHE" and yet so many of us react with "NOOOOO!" For this reason, I thought it was super important to tackle this question - with a 2-parter, [...]

Ask Tiffany: How Do I Tell My Clients I’m Raising My Fee?!

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In this episode of "Ask Tiffany: A Video Series for Therapreneurs," Elizabeth wants to know how we tell our clients that our fee is going up? While this seems straightforward enough, we therapists know that things are often not as they appear to be. Prepare to be surprised - nay - dazzled as I tackle the question, "How do I tell clients [...]