Part II: 5 Podcasts Every Therapist in Private Practice MUST Listen To

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Oh my goodness. It seems like ages since I wrote the Part I: 5 Podcasts Every Therapist Must Listen To. I’ve met SO MANY MORE of you and the number of you who have joined the tribe via subscribing to my email list has grown and grown! So, I want to just start by saying, “THANK YOU!”

Now — back to it.

Ya’ll remember when I first wrote about podcasts for therapists, I had just joined the podcasting world. There were so many amazing podcasts that I had never heard of. Oh, how that has changed. Wee Baby Tiff, you had no idea.

I’ll have to do versions 1-20 of this post and that won’t even be scratching the surface.

I’ll just shut my trap now and hand over the goods. These are some of my faves. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

1. The Practice of the Practice.

Man oh man, I recently interviewed Joe Sanok (the genius behind POP) for a Simple Practice Workshop and, deeeyAAAAmn, my mind was blown. This guy is not only amazing around mindset shit, but he is also chalk full of clear, actionable strategy about building a private practice. If you are a therapist who has a private practice or is thinking about having a private practice or had a dog who randomly wandered into someone else’s private practice once, then you must listen to Practice of the Practice.Joe headshot logo

As “Hey Tiffany” is growing (eeeeee!), one of the things I am currently trying to figure out is how to create systems that allow me to balance it all. That’s the reason I love one of POP, now only does Joe cover topics like productivity, he also covers an entire range of other topics that are relevant to us therapists – from Blogging to Human Trafficking to growing your business while you poop (I shit you not!).

Joe illustrates that we clinicians have all kinds of skills and if we first invest in ourselves and our growth, it is only a matter of time that we can create a massive platform to speak out about the issues that move us.

2. The Longest Shortest Time.

Okay, this Top 5 Podcast list for clinicians is gonna be a lot less practice building and a lot more heart-tugging. My non-clinician friends are often baffled that when I finally take some time to relax, the first thing I’m doing is reading memoirs or listening to podcasts that features stories about the zany rollercoaster of human experience. Well, shit. What can I say? Clinicians are coo-coo for crazy puffs!*

*and by crazy, I mean the everyday of trying to navigate the complexities of living

SO — when I stumbled upon The Longest Shortest Time, well, what can I say?! I was hooked. It’s all about parenthood or non-parenthood or confusion about parenthood. Take it from me, you totally don’t have to be a parent to enjoy this show.

In fact, in the most recent episode, W. Kamau Bell interviewed his mom about her sex life!! Now if that conversation doesn’t get your internal organs a-flutter, I don’t know what would.

The show is so deep and so real and so beautiful and so sad and so happy, that your broken heart will mend and then break again with each new episode. Go Listen. Yesterday.

3. A Therapist Walks Into A Bar.

This podcast is a new one created by a therapist who is local to the Bay Area. She, basically, found a way to legitimately drink on the job. She goes into a bar and asks the folks she meets a variety of questions about their experiences, from romance, to their experiences with therapy to addiction (Irony abounds!).

Lily square headshotThe therapist creator, Lily Sloane, splices in interviews with therapists who are experts in the topic that is being featured on each episode. Lily does an amazing job of asking interesting, personal questions in an empathic, curious way. It’s cool to hear about the real, off-the-cuff experiences of people in the world, while also getting it all framed by an experienced clinician.

I look forward to this podcast really taking off. It’s only a matter of time. Lily, more please!

4. Death, Sex & Money.

Oh man. Like The Longest Shortest Time, Death, Sex & Money will break your heart, but in all the best ways. In it, the creator, Anna Sale, explores everything related to – well – death, sex and money.

From the death of a child to how couples deal with money to heroine use, Anna interviews people about their struggles with the Reality Triad. From actors like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Titus Burgess to the story of how this young man survived Conversion Therapy, Sale dives right into the guts of those topics we therapists are called upon to hold each and every day. Moving.

5. Strangers.

Like Death, Sexy & Money, Lea Thau has no fear about directly moving into the heart of human experience. In this series, she beautifully captures the stories of her interviews in a direct, powerful way. A part of me wonders – and maybe she’s even touched on this – her experience as outsider allows her to make observations about the human experience that those on the inside cannot see.

One of the things I love most about therapists is that many of us are intimately familiar with – have had to find peace (and eventually even joy) with standing on the margins in one way or another. We must both understand how to connect deeply with others, while also knowing, at our core, the meaning of being – once and for all – alone.

Lea Thau captures engages in this dialogue masterfully. She walks that gossamer line between inside and out, observer and participant in ways that feel so familiar. It is almost as if I have somehow found myself privy to a session that is not my own. Part of me wants to turn away, while the other part is rendered utterly unable to turn away.

Now what about you?! What is your favorite podcast?! What should I include in my next 5 Podcast List?!

Riddle me that in the comment section* below.

*I know a lot of you like to share in the comment section of FB, rather than on the post itself, but we gotta break that habit! Sharing on FB allows only a tiny segment of the world access. SO — drop your comment here and we can all discuss together.

Photo Credit: Matthias Stelzl




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  1. Megan Rafuse 27/07/2016 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Hey!! I am a therapist and producer of Impostercast, a podcast about faking it and what it takes to belong, connect and figure out life as an urban millennial. I’d love to share more about the podcast with you! You can find us on iTunes and google play and on social media @impostercast!

    • TiffanyL 27/07/2016 at 5:03 pm - Reply

      This sounds super cool, Megan!! I’m looking forward to taking a listen!!

  2. Laura Reagan 23/07/2016 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    Hey Tiffany! Thanks for this list. I’m eager to check these out! I already know Practice of the Practice and Death, Sex and Money but I’m looking forward to checking out the others! Always eager to find new podcasts!!

    • TiffanyL 25/07/2016 at 4:13 pm - Reply

      Awesome, Laura!! I am definitely interested in hearing about your favorites! For those who want a preview of one of the podcasts I more recently discovered and will definitely include on my next article about podcasts, check out Laura’s GREAT podcast – Therapy Chat:

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