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In this episode, we’ll hear from New York based therapist, Dr. Heather Stevenson who stands firmly behind her fee…no matter what. You see, Heather is still in the process of growth. Her practice is not full, she hasn’t yet met her income goals, and she doesn’t have clients lined up at her door. But what she does have is the strength and courage to stand her ground when it comes to her fees.

What do we do when we’re in this position and a potential client asks us to lower our fee? Today, we get to hear from someone who is able to say no, despite her practice not being where she wants it to be…yet. Heather understands that in order to build the practice she knows she can build, the dream practice she imagines, that she has to make the tough decisions – starting now. She understands that she must be willing to tolerate the discomfort in between.

Although it’s not easy to stick to your full fee under every circumstance, there are people who are doing it and Heather will explain what it takes – the challenges, the anxieties, and the mindset required to allow someone to do it.

In this episode, Heather will share:

What it was like growing up in a family that was on the poverty line;

How it felt to say no when a potential client asked her to lower her fee; 

Why she refuses to settle for less than her fee of $225; 

What it’s like being in the midst of growth; 

The mindset shift needed in order to stay true to her worth; 

  The importance of surrounding herself with a community of like-minded therapists.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


More about Heather: 

Dr. Heather Stevenson is a licensed psychologist with a self-pay only private practice in New York City. Heather transitioned to private practice after leaving a lucrative job in men’s maximum-security prison in California and moved to New York in 2018 to start a new adventure.

She helps clients build a better relationship with themselves through healing attachment traumas, teaching mindfulness practices, and enhancing body awareness in order to help them feel more confident in the world, create better work/life balance, and enhance deeper connections with others. Heather is on a mission to engage more men in men’s work that challenges the traditional cultural norms of masculinity and what it means to “be a man”.

Check out Heather’s website here.