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In this episode, we’re speaking with Nick Bognar, a Pasadena based therapist and host of the More Exemplary podcast, who implemented a no-cancellation policy in his private practice.

Let me ask you this: What do you do when a seasoned professional instructor challenges your no-cancellation policy in a room full of therapists?

This exact thing happened to Nick at his first professional workshop. He was talking about boundaries and spoke about his no-cancellation policy, when a professor stood up and said his cancellation policy is unethical. They continued on to say that as therapists, we shouldn’t be privileging our own well-being over that of our clients. YIKES!

Nick will be sharing what happened inside of him, the feelings that came up, when this professional challenged him. Better yet, he’s going to share with us how he responded.

In this episode, Nick will share:

What it was like growing up in a Catholic home where there were many projections about money; 

How he internalized these unconscious messages he received from society;

The one thing that helped him change his mindset around talking openly about money;

Why we need to have open conversations about money in order to change the system;

The change that occurred in his clinical work as a result of changing his cancellation policy; 

What he’s been able to do in his life as a result of making these changes; 

And the impact he’s been able to have and the ways he’s been able to give back.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


Nick Bognar Therapy

More Exemplary Podcast

More about Nick: 

Nick Bognar is an LMFT in Pasadena, California, specializing in Men’s Issues and Codependency. He enjoys helping people learn themselves inside out and build lives they can fall in love with. Nick strives to help clients learn to ask for what they really, truly want out of life. 

In addition to his practice (www.NickBognarTherapy.com), he is also launching a lifestyle podcast, “More Exemplary” (www.MoreExemplary.com), exploring how to find joy, contentment, and connection while improving the world around us.