I recently put out the call for your money questions and boy HOWDY did they roll in. I’m going to tackle them one by one, as many as I can muster over the next few weeks. 

STARTING with Therapist Ellen’s question(s). When I said you could ask as many as you wanted, boy oh boy, you weren’t messing around. Ellen wrote in with:

Hey Tiffany!

How do I set fees for groups?

How do I create passive income?

How do I set fees for presentations or workshops?

Loved your fee setting worksheet and video.  Thanks!!!!


DEEEYAMN, Ellen! You certainly weren’t messing around. I’ll have to tackle these one by one and even see if I can’t muster up a surprise appearance by the group guru, Katie Keates May (Katie! Keep your eyes on your inbox. A request is coming your way!)

For this first question, I’ve whipped up a video that tackles my fave from this list, “How do I create a passive income?”

Well, well, well Ellen – watch and learn (AND THEN SHARE THIS LINK WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!)