This week, you are STOKED to know that we have a special guest – Katie K. May from Katie was all like, “WHAT?!” and hijacked this weeks episode of Ask Tiffany to answer Therapist Ellen’s question. 

Therapist Ellen wrote in and asked: 

“How do I set fees for groups?!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course I could weigh in on this, but I was thrilled to use it as an excuse to introduce myself to my group girlie crush, KKMay, and it just so happens she is incredibly skilled when it comes to pricing, marketing and running groups.

In this episode of Ask Tiffany Katie, she goes d-d-deeep on topics like: 

  • How she filled 6 groups of her own, plus groups for associate therapists that she has working for her
  • How she created a monthly membership model that group clients pay for, whether they attend groups or no
  • How she sets herself up for predictable recurring revenue with her group practice
  • #1 Tip for talking openly and confidently about your fee by reframing the convo from cost to value

If you have EVER imagined running groups as part of your practice or even if you haven’t but you like charming, kind, rad women, then this episode is a must watch. 

Take it away KaKeats!

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NOW, we’d love to hear from you. What was YOUR #1 takeaway after hearing Katie Keats M-m-m-MAY talk about her strategies to price, market and fill groups?!

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**Katie K. May is a Licensed Professional Counselor and “Group Guru” in the Philadelphia area who runs 6 full and ongoing weekly groups out of her teen support center.  She is the creator of the digital course Become a Group Guru:  Your All Access Guide to Marketing, Filling and Running Therapy Groups in Private Practice.  Katie went from burned out and buried in paperwork in community mental health to six figures in private practice in 10 short months and has taught hundreds of other therapists how to have similar successes and make a positive impact on both their clients and their bank accounts with groups.  To grab the 5 day jump-start guide and learn how to create the group that your ideal clients can’t wait to enroll in, head to