Picture this:

It’s the second week in December.

Your first client comes in on Monday and casually mentions how anxious he is about his upcoming two-week Hawaiian vacation with the in-laws over the holidays.

SHIT! This client hadn’t mentioned anything about the holidays, so you had been secretly crossing your fingers, hoping that perhaps he was staying in town for the holidays.

Just like you are staying in town.

Not because you want to be, but because you desperately need the money.

So, as he continues to talk about his ennui, you find yourself mentally tallying up all the income you won’t be getting – not only from him, but also from the other 92% of your practice who will be missing sessions over the holidays.

Panic starts to rise. Your face gets hot.

While you wish you could say it was countertransference, the truth is, you’re so freaked out by your huge December pay cut, that you can hardly even listen to your client.

Ugh. I hate that for you. I don’t WANT that for you. In fact, everything I’m doing through HeyTiffany is to ensure that you never feel this way again.

But, if you’re feeling this way now – I want to help you get through it, by setting you up to not feel this way ever again.

And to do that, I’ve sought out the money savvy Linzy Bonham, founder of Money Nuts and Bolts, to walk us through this process.

We started with her article “How to Be a Good Boss to Yourself”  on Monday, now in this Ask Tiffany episode we’ll be diving into this article together.

Click here to watch!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll also cover:

  • How to set yourself up for the holiday AND summer “slumps”
  • How to actually think about your finances, even when it freaks you out

NOW, we want to hear from you!

Which of the four areas do YOU have the most trouble with when it comes to bossing yourself up right?


Linzy Bonham helps therapists feel calm and confident about money so they can focus instead on the work they love to do. She runs Nuts & Bolts: Money Know-How for Therapists, using her own private practice experiences and knack for finances to teach therapists how to understand and manage their business finances. You can find her here: http://moneynutsandbolts.com/hey-tiffany-readers/