"Do you take insurance?"

This script + video will show you how to answer with ease every time!

What do you say?!

...when they pop the "Insurance Q"?!

You've suddenly found yourself having an amazing consultation call!

  • You've stumbled upon the perfect phrasing to describe what you do
  • The person on the phone is eager and ready to enter into a deep and meaningful relationship with you
  • The two of you click and you're feeling the rush of energy that comes with great therapeutic fit
  • You've set up an initial appointment and everyone is excited!

And then... she asks the question, "Oh, by the way, what kind of insurance do you take?"

Your heart falls. Your hands grow sweaty.

"NOT AGAIN," you almost murmur it out loud!

Well, it just so happens I've created a word for word script + video guide that will show you:

  • Multiple responses you can give
  • A variety of worst-case-scenario examples
  • A bit of humor to help ease you through

Look, it doesn't have to be this hard. With a bit of light modeling (ahem) and some quick practice, you will be able to handle this question FOREVER - without the stress and disappointment that comes with awkwardly fumbling through this question yet again.

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Tiffany, hook me up!

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Get the word for word script + video illustration (heh) that will walk YOU through how to answer the "Do you take insurance?" question!