I got called out.

Yes, yes, I’m here to help you earn more in private practice, but then what do you do with all that hard won income that you bring in after making bank while working with the clients you are passionate about serving?!

Well, shit. I’m trying to figure that out, too.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been talking to therapist financial coach, Linzy Bonham from Money Nuts and Bolts. We’ve covered:

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Ask Tiffany: How to Be a Good Boss to Yourself Episode

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And NOW – What does it actually look (and FEEEEL) like to get your money shit tight in private practice?

Never you fear, we’ll do it together in this week’s bonus episode of Ask Tiffany.

We’d love to hear from you!

What do you worry about the most when it comes to actually getting clear about what is coming in and what is going out each month?!

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Linzy Bonham helps therapists feel calm and confident about money so they can focus instead on the work they love to do. She runs Nuts & Bolts: Money Know-How for Therapists, using her own private practice experiences and knack for finances to teach therapists how to understand and manage their business finances. You can find her here: http://moneynutsandbolts.com/hey-tiffany-readers/