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The Money Sessions Episode 5: What does it take to raise fees AND take on only clients who commit to weekly sessions?

By |2019-08-26T19:34:59-07:00April 28th, 2019|Categories: Podcast: The Money Sessions|

^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ In this episode of The Money Sessions, we are diving in deep with Olethea Pimenta. Olethea first heard me talk about therapists and money on a Simple Practice course and she raised her fees then and there, but she knew it wasn’t enough. She realized [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 4: From agency to insurance based practice to private pay practice

By |2019-04-16T10:35:18-07:00April 14th, 2019|Categories: Podcast: The Money Sessions|

^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ Despite her fears, Kelly Coté, LPC  realized it was time to leave her agency job to start her own private practice. She started out on insurance panels to ease the transition. It became clear to Kelly that if she really wanted to create a practice [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 3: From barely scraping by to $10k/month

By |2019-03-06T10:06:55-07:00March 31st, 2019|Categories: $$$, Podcast: The Money Sessions|

^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ What would it take for a therapist to go from barely scraping by in a financially struggling practice, a marriage that is suffering as a result and feeling on the brink of failure to earning 10k/month and becoming the primary breadwinner, with a thriving marriage [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 2: From $80/session to $165 for individuals and $210 for couples

By |2019-03-06T08:25:39-07:00March 17th, 2019|Categories: Podcast: The Money Sessions|

^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ In this episode, we get to hear from New York based therapist Jelisha Gatling who went from barely making $500/month in private practice to having her first 6k month in less than a year - and that’s WITH taking a week and a half off [...]

New Podcast: The Money Sessions Coming Soon

By |2019-03-05T07:15:44-07:00February 4th, 2019|Categories: Podcast: The Money Sessions|

Deep, thoughtful, raw, no bullshit conversations with real therapists who are in the midst of leaning into raising fees and making bank - all while working with the clients they are passionate about serving. In this podcast series, you will hear from therapists in private practice talking about: What it was really like to raise [...]

The Ivy Pay Challenge: $2000 PLUS in Free Card Processing Charges [Limited Time!]

By |2019-03-05T07:15:45-07:00December 13th, 2018|Categories: $$$|

You all know I’m totally down with depth-oriented psychoanalytic therapy. AND, you all know I’m 100% down with thinking about the ways money and fees are actually communications in treatment that help us get a deeper understanding of our client’s thoughts, beliefs and patterns. For example, when your client comes into therapy: 🤓 Did she come [...]

Ask Tiffany: Low Fees Are Not Your Fault

By |2019-03-05T07:15:56-07:00February 14th, 2018|Categories: $$$|

Low Fees Are Not Your Fault. Didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that, did you? But, it’s true! For so many of us who grew up working class, we internalized all kinds of beliefs about what it means to earn a great living, to feel secure, to get ahead - Unfortunately, mostly we learned [...]

Ask Tiffany: The Top 3 Feelings that Keep You BROKE

By |2019-03-05T07:15:56-07:00February 12th, 2018|Categories: $$$|

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about all the reasons you’re struggling in private practice that DON’T have to do with just needing more clients. I’m sure you have all kinds of reasons you’re struggling: Inconsistent marketing Regrettable time management habits A screaming toddler at home An irritating partner who won’t doesn’t have [...]

Ask Tiffany: From agency to full time Private Practice with Yunetta Smith

By |2019-03-05T07:15:56-07:00February 6th, 2018|Categories: $$$|

I am sharing a bonus Ask Tiffany episode this week because you LOVE it. Okay, okay. Not that you necessarily love aaaAAAall the episodes, but I continue to get an overwhelmingly positive response when I feature real therapists who are making it happen in their own practices. Therapist like Yunetta Smith! Yunetta is currently at [...]

Ask Tiffany: Why Clients Won’t Pay Your Full Fee

By |2019-03-05T07:15:57-07:00February 4th, 2018|Categories: $$$|

 you ever had a client call who could use their out of network insurance to pay you, but choose to just… well, not. And they go find another therapist? Or, have you ever had a client who clearly had the resources to pay you an extra $10 a week, buuuUUUUuuuut, when you mentioned a potential [...]