Ask Tiffany: Low Fees Are Not Your Fault

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Low Fees Are Not Your Fault. Didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that, did you? But, it’s true! For so many of us who grew up working class, we internalized all kinds of beliefs about what it means to earn a great living, to feel secure, to get ahead - Unfortunately, mostly we learned [...]

Ask Tiffany: The Top 3 Feelings that Keep You BROKE

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For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about all the reasons you’re struggling in private practice that DON’T have to do with just needing more clients. I’m sure you have all kinds of reasons you’re struggling: Inconsistent marketing Regrettable time management habits A screaming toddler at home An irritating partner who won’t doesn’t have [...]

Ask Tiffany: From agency to full time Private Practice with Yunetta Smith

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I am sharing a bonus Ask Tiffany episode this week because you LOVE it. Okay, okay. Not that you necessarily love aaaAAAall the episodes, but I continue to get an overwhelmingly positive response when I feature real therapists who are making it happen in their own practices. Therapist like Yunetta Smith! Yunetta is currently at [...]

Ask Tiffany: Why Clients Won’t Pay Your Full Fee

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 you ever had a client call who could use their out of network insurance to pay you, but choose to just… well, not. And they go find another therapist? Or, have you ever had a client who clearly had the resources to pay you an extra $10 a week, buuuUUUUuuuut, when you mentioned a potential [...]

Ask Tiffany: People Don’t Want to Pay for Therapy Anymore

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"Nobody wants to invest in long term, insight-oriented, get-to-the-root-of-it therapy anymore!" I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard therapists lament this fact. Okay, I’ll admit, I used to utter it myself. I’d frustratedly announce, to my equally irate analytic colleagues, “Nobody wants depth-oriented therapy anymore! Everybody wants a quick fix. Society is going [...]

Ask Tiffany: Mo’ Clients, Mo’…PROBLEMS?!

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What the frack am I talking about, right?! A few months back my therapist gently placed her chin on her fist, leaned back in her chair and observed, “You make everything harder than it has to be.” BWHA HA HA! WHAT?! Oh my gosh. She hit the nail on the head. Up until she made [...]

Ask Tiffany: You Don’t Need More Clients

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When was the last time you sat down with your calculator to figure out how many clients you need this year to make X amount of money? Or maybe you even started with, “Okay, my fee is $125. If I want to make 6-figures, that means I need…(desperately doing the math) at least 15* clients [...]

Ask Tiffany: Tiffany Gets HER Finances Assessed #sweating

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OH MANG! I got called out. Yes, yes, I’m here to help you earn more in private practice, but then what do you do with all that hard won income that you bring in after making bank while working with the clients you are passionate about serving?! Well, shit. I’m trying to figure that out, [...]

Ask Tiffany: How to Survive the Holiday Slump with Linzy Bonham

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I know, I know! Getting cozy with finances, falling in love with them damn numbers, feeling confident when looking at the numbers - it may seem so far away, it might as well be Pluto. But don’t let that stop you because getting sexy with your finances is THE KEY to having a consistent and [...]

Ask Tiffany: How to be a good boss to yourself with Linzy Bonham

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Picture this: It’s the second week in December. Your first client comes in on Monday and casually mentions how anxious he is about his upcoming two-week Hawaiian vacation with the in-laws over the holidays. SHIT! This client hadn’t mentioned anything about the holidays, so you had been secretly crossing your fingers, hoping that perhaps he [...]