The Money Session Episode 11: Will charging more turn Kyra into a greedy person?

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^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ Kyra Grossman is doing everything right - he's raised his fees, is able to afford nice vacations, and he's finally earning enough to pay for retirement and up his professional game by paying for things like for great consultation, yet he can't shake the feeling [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 10: How Zoey implemented a NO-CANCELLATION policy in her therapy practice

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^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ In this episode, we get to hear from Ohio based therapist Zoey Holguin who defied the odds by going cash pay in her insurance based town and how this gave her the space to start an online business and scale up her practice. Why this [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 8: How Emily learned to charge $200/session

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^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ In this session, we get to hear from Emily Whitish, a therapist just outside of Seattle who decided to get off *most* insurance panels and raise her rates to $200/session despite living in a small town. She specializes in working with people who have chronic [...]

The Money Sessions Episode 3: From barely scraping by to $10k/month

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^^ Click to Above to Listen to Episode ^^ What would it take for a therapist to go from barely scraping by in a financially struggling practice, a marriage that is suffering as a result and feeling on the brink of failure to earning 10k/month and becoming the primary breadwinner, with a thriving marriage [...]

The Ivy Pay Challenge: $2000 PLUS in Free Card Processing Charges [Limited Time!]

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You all know I’m totally down with depth-oriented psychoanalytic therapy. AND, you all know I’m 100% down with thinking about the ways money and fees are actually communications in treatment that help us get a deeper understanding of our client’s thoughts, beliefs and patterns. For example, when your client comes into therapy: 🤓 Did she come [...]

Too many Fucks

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I have a friend who gives WAY too many fucks (you know who you are). In fact, his intellect knows that he gives too many fucks. He even sent me this article by Mark Manson that is all about giving less fucks. #sogood Here’s the thing, therapists give a whole bunch of fucks - waaaay [...]

Why I’m Spending Over $13,000 on Coaching this Year

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Holy Smokes! I remember the first time I ever bought an online program. It was a doozy, too. I didn’t start with just a $47 program. Nope! I guess that’s not how I roll. My first investment in an online training program was a whopping $2,000. No joke. Before I made that purchase, I couldn’t [...]

Is Talking About Your Fees on Facebook Price-Fixing?

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Have you ever noticed when the topic of therapist fees comes up in Facebook groups, especially when it’s related to raising fees or earning more, there is one person who jumps in, writes some random comment about “PRICE-FIXING” all in caps and then either ghosts hard core or pops in and makes enigmatic statements about [...]

The Problems Created by Credentialing with Health Insurance for Therapists, Their Clients, and the Field of Mental Health by Brianna D. Mann, PhD

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Tiffany Note: The following article is a guest post from Brianna Mann, PhD first published here on There are many reasons therapists credential with insurance: 1) It’s what everyone does; 2) Doing so ensures a steady referral stream; 3) It provides access to care to a wider demographic; an opportunity to “give back”; 4) [...]