How to find a Successful Therapist Tribe

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Check out this recent email I got from a subscriber: “I don’t know why it is so hard to find fellow therapists committed to success, but it definitely is. I posted a question in a fab group just today asking about wording to tell a client that I won’t hold their spot while they take a [...]

Shaming Clients with The Fee Talk

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You sit down for your session and your client instantly dives into the following: “Oh! I need to skip next week. Ben and I are going to Calistoga for a wedding. Ugh. It’s his friend from college. I barely know them. But hey! Calistoga will be cool, I guess.” While there’s all kinds of interesting [...]

How do I End the therapy session on Time?!

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When I fiiiirst started out seeing clients individually, I remember one of my biggest fears was about how to sneak a peek at the damn clock without the client seeing!! I did ALL kinds of things to avoid the client noticing that I was keeping an eye on the time, like: Getting [...]

Ask Tiffany: Low Fees Are Not Your Fault

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Low Fees Are Not Your Fault. Didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that, did you? But, it’s true! For so many of us who grew up working class, we internalized all kinds of beliefs about what it means to earn a great living, to feel secure, to get ahead - Unfortunately, mostly we learned [...]

Ask Tiffany: The Top 3 Feelings that Keep You BROKE

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For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about all the reasons you’re struggling in private practice that DON’T have to do with just needing more clients. I’m sure you have all kinds of reasons you’re struggling: Inconsistent marketing Regrettable time management habits A screaming toddler at home An irritating partner who won’t doesn’t have [...]

Ask Tiffany: From agency to full time Private Practice with Yunetta Smith

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I am sharing a bonus Ask Tiffany episode this week because you LOVE it. Okay, okay. Not that you necessarily love aaaAAAall the episodes, but I continue to get an overwhelmingly positive response when I feature real therapists who are making it happen in their own practices. Therapist like Yunetta Smith! Yunetta is currently at [...]

Ask Tiffany: Why Clients Won’t Pay Your Full Fee

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 you ever had a client call who could use their out of network insurance to pay you, but choose to just… well, not. And they go find another therapist? Or, have you ever had a client who clearly had the resources to pay you an extra $10 a week, buuuUUUUuuuut, when you mentioned a potential [...]

Ask Tiffany: Mo’ Clients, Mo’…PROBLEMS?!

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What the frack am I talking about, right?! A few months back my therapist gently placed her chin on her fist, leaned back in her chair and observed, “You make everything harder than it has to be.” BWHA HA HA! WHAT?! Oh my gosh. She hit the nail on the head. Up until she made [...]