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In this week’s episode, we talk to Alisa Taylor, MFT who works with mothers around identifying, setting and HOLD their boundaries. She also served as a Money Mentor in The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy. And deeyamn, in this episode, you’ll learn why.

Alisa is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. In this episode, she is going to peel back the layers of so many questions and conflicts therapists have when thinking about charging premium fees and setting clearer boundaries in their practices – around time, around finances, around cancellation policies. You definitely do not want to miss this episode.

In this episode, Alisa will share:

What it took to go from charging as low as $85/session to charging upwards of $225/session;

3 fears she had about raising fees and charging premium fees;

How and why she replaced her 48 hour cancellation policy a “Consistency Policy” and how that impacted her clients’ commitment to therapy;

How she navigated the conflict between the desire to earn more and the question, “But shouldn’t I be happy with what I have?”

How getting deep with her money mindset through The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy allowed her to set clear boundaries in her marriage so she could raise fees, homeschool and start her next business, even in a time of Covid.

Resources mentioned:

The Lean In. Make Bank. Academy

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More about Alisa: 

Alisa has a small, high-fee virtual private practice in Southern California. As a recovering codependent, perfectionist and people pleaser herself, Alisa works with women on these issues using depth work and Brainspotting. Alisa’s current focus is having a highly fulfilling personal life with a private practice on the side. http://www.alisataylorcounseling.com

Connect with Alisa: alisa@alisataylorcounseling.com