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How can you help your clients if you can’t help yourself ?! 

You didn't go into private practice to re-create the same anxiety, stress and overwhelm of your agency job, right?! So why do you feel so terrified when it comes to raising your fees and building a practice that gives you the freedom you wanted when you initially took the leap into private practice? 

Get the "Therapist Guide to Raising Your Fee (Guilt-Free)" and: 

  • Overcome the #1 psychological block therapists have to raising fees – so you can have “The Fee Talk” with confidence.
  • Get the Online Fun with Fees Calculator that will tell you EXACTLY what your fee needs to be.
  • Get the 4 Core steps successful therapists have in place that will help you stick with the fee you set – guilt free.
  • Weekly newsletter with cool shit about earning more while working with the people you're stoked to serve!
  • Spiders.

Because every day that passes you by is another $100 down the drain.

Raise My Fee!

“The Fun with Fees worksheet showed me that my dreams are not impossible. And you know what – It was doable. And for less than I thought! I was so excited I called my husband at work and told him all the details!!! I only have to make a couple changes and I am going to make 2017 my b*tch! 🙂 Thanks for helping keep me accountable!!”  

Tara, PsyD