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In this episode, we’re speaking with Dana Belletiere, a licensed therapist out of New Hampshire.  Dana has a background in Psychology, Sociology, Human Development and Social work. She also holds two Master degrees in Education in Development and Social Work.

After years of education Dana found herself in a heap of debt feeling trapped and hopeless. Dana decided to put herself in the driver’s seat of her money and career, ultimately creating her ideal work environment and tackling $120,000 dollars of student debt!

In this episode, Dana will share:

What led her to join a Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF);

The difficulties she experienced working at a residential treatment center while in a loan forgiveness program;

How she was able to step-up and face reality to tackle her student loans, and what changes she had to make;

The three strategies helped her pay off her student loans and what happened as a result.

Resources mentioned:

Fun with Fees 

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

Lean In. Make Bank.

More About Dana

I’m Dana Belletiere – an online therapist with a focus on helping clients live authentic, empowered, intentional lives.

I work with individuals that tend to put their own wants and needs at the bottom of the list. They want to improve how they feel, but have trouble taking the time and energy for themselves. They are looking to ask more from their relationship and careers, but don’t know how to go about doing so. 

Through a unique process of self-reflection, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment, I help clients understand and take care of the different parts of themselves, building confidence along the way. I work with clients in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. I provide online therapy, which allows for distance treatment and flexible scheduling. To contact: https://danalicsw.com/ ,   855-298-5237