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Picture this: It’s October 25th, 2015

(aka. “Tiffany’s 35th Birthday.”)

And I was miserable. 

I hadn’t told anyone it was my birthday. I had planned nothing. My official agenda required nothing more than silently weeping.

My 35th birthday was my day of mourning. It was the day I finally said goodbye to any fantasies I had that somehow, someone, anyone would swoop in and make my life easier.

Yes – I had a solid practice.

Yes – I had a roof over my head in my dream city.

Yes – I had three yowling cats who loved me dearly. Oh, and a devoted partner.

But somewhere in the deepest recesses of my brain, some small part of me was waiting for my “lucky break.”

This was some very unconscious shit, mind you.
While I would never imagine a White Knight (ahem) riding in and saving me, it struck me all of a sudden that I had been holding out for some thing to happen that would change my destiny.

This fantasy manifested itself in small ways.

Like the pang of envy I felt when I saw others succeed.

Or the sulky internal narrative that would start up when others made gains, “Well, they had more support, more access to financial resources, a rich family, a better education, blah blah blah!”

Turns out Jr. High Tiffany was still in there, waiting and hoping that Matt Aughdale would finally ask her to the Fall Festival. If I just waited long enough someone would whisk me up and I’d be seen. Be taken care of. Be validated for all the hard work I had done, all the psychic progress I had made, all the hurdles I had overcome.

I don’t know what it was about approaching 35, but it suddenly hit me – hard. 

“Tiffany, no one – NO ONE – is going to do anything for you,” This new voice said. “If you want something, you have to get it.

Initially, this voice felt attacking, cynical, harsh. I heard it, crossed my arms, stuck my lip out and was all like, “It’s not fair. meh!” But then, as I kept listening, the tone began to shift. It felt honest, direct, kind, respectful.

Once I went through all the stages of grief –

Denial: “Hey! Maybe I can win the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t play. Right? RIGHT?!”

Anger: “It’s not fair! The 1% taking everything and leaving us to suffer. All this racism and political fuckery and I’m trying so hard – I’M doing it right, I’m trying to help people. Help people!

Depression: “What’s the point? You work so hard and it’ll all get taken away anyways. People like us, we never get a break. Fuck the man.” 

And then… VOILA!


And boy, howdy, was that an empowering place to be. 

Despite all the ways my internal saboteur had attempted to keep me small, that fucking voice of reality – “If you want something, you have to go after it” – was calm, measured and consistent. Until finally – finally – I listened.

And my entire life has changed.

So – what’s this gotta do with you?! You came here to learn about the program I’m putting together.

Well firstly – You may have noticed that in my Waiting-for-an-Angel stage, it was all about Moi.

I’m not getting my break.”

“Life isn’t treating me fairly.”

I had it rough!”

Guess what – nobody gives a shit. The biggest revelation about my dance with anxiety and ennui was how preoccupied with my self I was when I was not getting where I wanted to be.

Wanna know what’s way more fun than moping around, waiting for something good to happen? 

Succeeding! And helping YOU succeed!

I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know what’s like to look around and see beautiful people riding on their yachts, laughing wealthily, while their thigh-gaps make way for the gorgeous setting sun and feel a mix of envy and despair. I know what it’s like to try so hard and feel like you’re going no-fucking-where.

And – I know what it’s like on the other side of that.

It. Is. Glorious.

Perfect? Don’t be silly. Of course not.

But day in and day out, there’s a sense of possibility and a real, straightforward, step-by-step map to get there. The road is so much more accessible than you think it is.

I know – because I used to think it was impossible. Now I know better.

I want to show you how. 

And it begins with – you guessed it – money

I know! I know! Money is terrifying – shame, guilt, anxiety, envy, fear. I got it. Check. Noted.

That’s why I’m starting there – right there.

I’m in the process of creating a program that goes right to the heart of the issue for you, my upwardly mobile, anxious, ambitious-but-afraid-of-what-will-actually-happen-when-I-raise-my-fees-don’t-make-me-do-it-please-I-beg-of-you therapist tribe. 

You’re Invited!

I want to take a handful of you from a feeling of dread when thinking about the act of charging more for your services to a a feeling of confidence, ease and possibility.

And not only feeling better – I want you to MAKE MORE MONEY!

At least, $7000 more next year than you made last year. 

For those of you in the beta cohort, here’s what you get:

  • A 30 minute pre-consultation with me where we will take a deep dive into every obstacle that keeps you from building a lucrative practice.
  • Lifetime access to the course that will be tailor made for you and first gens just like you.
  • The course will include videos, worksheets, templates, scripts plus whatever else is needed based on your feedback.
  • At least two group calls where you’ll hear from your peers who are going through the same program and have your chance to ask questions about specific areas where you’re getting stuck.
  • A post-course 30-minute consultation where l will I fill in any gaps, offer specific feedback in areas where you need one last shot of support and, of course, praise you extensively for your AMAZING GAAAAAAINS!

The Investment: $247

I know.

That’s a stupid low amount of money for all that guidance. 

But I’m in it to learn, tweak and make sure this program is the most effective and brilliant money course you have ever seen. Sometimes I do whacky shit. This is one of those times.

(You get one-on-one time with me, plus the chance to earn 10x’s the investment. Kind of a no-brainer.)

Here’s who I’m looking for:

You have a built a solid practice, but you know you could be earning more.

You are excited by the idea of investing your effort into overcoming money blocks and making bank.

You may be scared, but you’re willing to challenge yourself and you know that, with support, you can excel.

90% of your practice is private pay.

If this is you, if you’re ready to step it the fuck up and take charge of your own life, along with getting a few extra thousand dollars in your pocket.

Apply Now.

[I will only be choosing 5-10 students for this beta program, so if you’re at all interested, apply sooner rather than later. An application definitely doesn’t guarantee participation. Once I choose my students, doors are closed.]