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So you’re interested in joining us at NEXT, eh?

Best. Move. Ever.

We are so excited to bring this intimate mastermind experience to therapists who are ready to take their practices to the next level.

The live portion of NEXT takes place over 2 1/2 days, beginning on the evening of Wednesday, June 21st, and ending on the evening of Friday June 23rd. NEXT will then continue via an online Mastermind Group through the end of December 2017.

Because you’re viewing this curriculum right now, we know you’re on top of your shit – and that means you want the juicy overview. Well, we’ve got it for you! Scroll on down and luxuriate, my dear.

Oh, and prepare to be rocked.


  • A plan in place for the rest of 2017 IN YOUR CALENDAR. This is not some theoretical, maybe-someday kind of plan. You’ll have clear steps to take to reach your goals.
  • A game plan for developing and marketing alternative income streams.
  • A clear understanding of how to reach your financial goals.
  • Systems in place that streamline your practice and your life so you can spend your time on new ventures and adventures.
  • A community of people who are playing bigger and supportive of you realizing your dreams.
  • 6 months of support from Tiffany, Allison, and your new NEXT best friends.

Now let’s check out the break-down

 Wednesday Evening Pre-Funk: NEXT kicks off Wednesday evening at a hip-but-not-too-hip night out with friends and an Old Fashioned or two. You’ll get a chance to hobnob with Allison & Tiffany, meet your new crew and raise a pint to YOU and the next phase of your private practice!

Day One: Getting Clear

The first day is all about getting clear on where you are and where you are going. You’ll learn:

  • The Foundation of Success: Get absolutely clear on your WHY – 1, 5, 10 years from now. This will be what buoys you as you build something bigger. You have probably explored your why before, but trust us, this is NEXT level shit.
  • Building Your Tribe: Gain clear systems to build a community and learn the strategies to create a cohort of powerful, motivated, strategic others. As your business moves beyond the traditional therapy model, you’re going to need to surround yourself with bigger players.
  • Mapping it Out: You will get laser focused on where you are and where you want to go, along with the ability to recognize and move through obstacles.  We will teach you how to create meaningful goals and actually follow through. We know you’re busy and we’re busting through that excuse.
  • Financial Come to Jesus: You will work with our financial wizard to gain a realistic assessment of your financial vision, and remove the barriers keeping you from making it a reality. How big are your financial dreams? Do you know how to make $300K? $1M? Do you have a plan for that? Did reading that make you feel feelings? We’ll get to that, too.

Day Two: Next Level Shit

Day two is all about building on that foundation you built in day one. We’ll hold your hand and walk you through the steps to put that plan in place (and in your calendar) so that you and your newfound support system can ensure 2018 starts with a bang!

  • Creative Next Steps for Badass Business: You will learn which streams of income make sense within the context of your life and your goals. You’ll leave with marketing directives to help you achieve everything you laid out in day one.
    • Stop wasting time with half-assed attempts at making money “on the side” and learn the real life pros and cons of your options.
    • Then stop half-assing your marketing. Get strategic. Get right.
    • Basically, get your whole ass into this game. Back that thang up.
  • Work at Work: Want to know the secrets of time management for those who live the Good Life? We’ve got it. You’ll learn how to structure your time & energy so you can be present with priorities one at a time.
  • Systematize It: We’ll teach you how to create systems that are so tight a ten-year old could run that shit. From outsourcing and delegating, to procrastination & overwhelm, we’ve got you covered in day two. You’ll get a clear, infallible plan for successfully following through with your incremental steps, which will free you to take consistent, powerful action.

The Mastermind 

The NEXT mastermind group is all about taking you all the way home. Through the rest of 2017, Allison, Tiffany and your new business besties will be with you every step of the way to help you take action on all that you learned during the two day conference.

  • Accountability: A system for weekly accountability and support with your NEXT community
  • Strategy: Monthly mastermind calls where you’ll each get one opportunity to be in the “hot seat of love.” You’ll rely on the brilliance of your community to strategize and plan. When it’s not your hot seat, you’ll get the opportunity to learn strategy by helping your fellow NEXTers tighten their systems and realize their dreams. Allison & Tiffany will alternate each month so you’ll get both of their expertise.
  • Weekly Calls: We’ll show you how to create powerful weekly calls with your group members so that you can continue building success beyond 2017.

Total Investment: 

One time payment of $3499


6-Month Payment Plan of $599/Mo.

Ready to join a powerful tribe of clinicians who are taking their practices to the next level?

We are committed to creating an experience that is not only clear, strategic and powerful, but also fun! Building your business is not about working hard now, so that you can eventually start living – cut that shit out. We want to show you how to set up a business that works in tandem with a lifestyle that is fulfilling, connected and free — day in and day out.

We look forward to seeing you there!