You've built a successful practice, only to find that having your butt in the chair 30 hours a week with no end in sight isn't quite as thrilling as you thought it would be.

We get it.

Apply today to join us for NEXT 2018 in Asheville!

It is TOTALLY possible for you to take your practice to the next level, even if you don't know exactly how to get there or even where "there" IS. 

Most therapists bust their asses to build their private practices, only to discover - it's more of the same:

  • You're working way too many hours, yet -
  • You're still not earning the income you actually want. 
  • If you take time off, it means taking a pay cut.
  • You did all this work to build your case-load, only to find out that at the end of the rainbow is a cap on your earning potential, where your butt must be in that seat, sitting across from a client, in order to bring in money. 

Most therapists get trapped in an endless cycle of client flow, stuck to the treadmill of trading dollars for hours, with no real plan to build consistent wealth - and a plan to ultimate financial freedom.

A few years ago, in our own separate corners of the world, we - Allison Puryear and Tiffany McLain - were discovering this for ourselves. Even as we were successfully building our own private practices, we looked around and saw "successful" practice owners who were tired, burnt-out and stressed - unable to afford great vacations, sacrficing time with their family, anxious about the ebbs and flows of client work.

In our own ways, on our own paths, we began looking for solutions that would allow us to keep doing the 1-1 client work that we loved, while also searching for alternate paths to create an income stream that wasnlt tied to the individual pschotherapy model alone, but rather allowed us to earn money from anywhere in the world, where we didn't trade time for money, where the sky was the limit in terms of earning potential. From this work, Allison created Abundance Practice Building and Tiffany created HeyTiffany.Com. 

Then, in late 2016, we discovered each other. It was an instant connection. 

We were both incredibly excited to discover shared values:

  • A drive to have a massive impact in the lives of those we are passionate about serving;
  • The desire to empower therapists to play BIGGER;
  • The refusal to sacrifice ourselves and our family by holding a false zero-sum-game mentality;
  • The willingness to take uncharted paths in order to create a practice - a lifestyle - that served us, rather than the other way around.

Together is better!

We realized that creating together was so much more fun than creating alone. 

We learned the hard way - busting our asses, working too many hours, trying to figure it out ourselves and now we've gotten to the point where not just our businesses are working well, but we are also creating lifestyles that we actually enjoy - setting up businesses that support us in doing the things we enjoy, serving the people we love and getting to know ourselves again. 

As two women who come from working class backgrounds, we looked around and saw that even though our therapist colleagues were able to build their practices, they were doing it in an unbalanced way, allowing scarcity, competition, fear and isolation keep them from creating an intentional plan to build lasting and sustainable business.

We believed that a massive shift would have to take place in order for us therapists to not only survive, but fucking thrive in this industry.

We joined forces build NEXT - the mastermind community we wish we could've had back when we started our therapreneur journeys. 

We know you've tried all KINDS of ways to create a more fulfilling life for yourself:

You went to graduate school, you've taken tons of CEU's, gotten certificates in special areas of expertise, chasing the hope that by learning more, gaining new clinicial techniques, going on 1,347 coffee dates, you would be able to specialize your way into the income you wanted.

You did the work, you've got the clients, but now between notes, phone calls, and actually sitting across from client, hour after hour, you've realized this is not at all what you thought it would be. You're tired, worn out, doing so much goddamn work with little results. 

YES - you've dabbled in adding other streams of income. You've done piecemeal courses and strategies - FB ads, social marketing, blogging, networking - all of which worked to build the practice you wanted, but left you feeling taxed and overwhelmed from doing too much and not anywhere closer to finding a way out of this anxiety-ridden treadmill of trading your TIME for Dollars in a one-to-one ratio.

While these activities lead to gains in the short term, they ultimately fail because you are trying to do everything without a clear path to get you from wher you are now to exactly where you want to be. Without the support, strategy, and guidance to follow through in an intentional way, it can feel overwhelming to keep all the balls in the air.

It doesn't have to be this way.


"I now feel like I have a full fledged business with tons of ideas about where to go next. I always knew there could be other ways to provide services beyond butt in chair and now feel like I am well on my way to providing a larger breadth of services to my target community."

Joy Harden Bradford, 2017 NEXT Grad Creator of, featured in O-Magazine.  

What is NEXT?

  • 2-Day In-Person Business Intensive that will give you the foundations to build a business that will allow you to earn more without adding more individual therapy clients;
  • 6-months virtual Mastermind (meeting 2x/month, once with each of us) that will allow you to actually follow through on those foundational strategiesl
  • A 1:1 with both Tiffany and Allison where you will get a tailored strategy session that takes your unique situation into account;
  • Community of successful therapists who are playing bigger and have your back so you can move beyond the 1-1 model with a tribe who supports and encourages you;
  • Get a plan in place for 2018 IN YOUR CALENDAR so you're finally able to prioritize your success;
  • You'll leave with a game plan for developing and marketing alternative income streams + 6 months of support so you can actually make it happen.

Yes, yes - we'll show you how to:  

  • Set clear financial goals and create a path to acheive them.
  • Create systems and strategies so be more productive.
  • Gain clarity about how to actually follow through on your ideas.  

But even MORE importantly than all that, we'll bring together a cohort of smart, kind, honest and powerful therapists who will challenge you to go beyond what you thought was possible.  

Not only do you get the opportunity to cash in on our experience of creating 6-figure businesses, but even more lovely, you get to join into the nerd-riddled badassery that is the NEXT community.  

Because we want to be able to focus on your success, we only accept 12 applicants per year.  

"Attending NEXT helped me grow up professionally and take my already strong organizational skills to the next level (no pun intended!). I am now so much more strategic about how I use my time, what tasks can be delegated and how to prioritize my schedule. I make sound decisions based on data and research, giving me more confidence to market myself and create new offerings for my clients. I also am more diligent about managing my business finances and making sound investment decisions."

April Snow, 2017 NEXT Grad Founder of 

F.A.Q's: Will NEXT Work for Someone Like Me?

My hands are full with my caseload. Do I have the time to invest in a program like NEXT?

We'll show you how to create the space and hold you accountable for following through. No one "finds" the time. Creating a successful business comes from making a choice to invest in that business and part of this is about making the hard decisions to say "no" to other people's dreams (serving on the board, baking cupcakes for the 65th kid's birthday party this week, going on networking coffee dates with people who feel like obligations rather than joys) so you can say YES to your future self who is hankering to do that fucking Ted Talk after writing the NYT's best seller! FUCK YES!

I've invested in too many things that I haven't followed through on. Do I need one more program? 

While we're big advocates of following through on the programs you've already started, NEXT is designed to provide you with both the strategy and community to intentionally follow through, both with skills you are currently developing, along with providing you with an enhanced toolbelt to craft the business you want.

Is this a group I can trust?

Through the application process, we hand-pick candidates who have already shown the capacity to follow through, but we also look for individuals who are supportive, kind and honest about what it means to grow and build a community. A big part of why we do the live event is so we can come together, bond together and establish a vulnerable and encouraging environment to grow. It's not all about strategy! It's about knowing you have people on your side who know you and your unique challenges who will push you to move forward when the time is right, but also step back and make space for you to breathe when you need a moment. We know how hard it is to do this work alone. This is exactly why we wanted to create an environment where you can really thrive.

How much access do I really have to you two?  

We LOVE getting our hands dirty with your businesses. For the full two day live event (plus pre-funk happy hour), we will be really getting to know you - what makes you tick, cry, expand, shrink, excel - so we can guilde you along each leg of the journey. You'll also get an individual session with each of us, plus we'll each meet with the group every month to ensure you're on the right track.  

That being said, we're REALLY invested in helping you form a tribe that is bigger than the two of us. While you do have a ton of access to us, our mission is to help you soar like some freakin' wing-ed doves long after the program ends. This is why we put so much emphasis on creating a cream o' the crop communty from the outset.  

What if I get stuck along the way?  

Join the fuckin' club, my love! We'll help you reframe the idea of getting stuck as a shame-spiral worthy dive into early childhood traums. Instead, we'll help you become aware of the CYCLE of business growth:  

Action ==> "Failure" ==> Analysis ==> Learning ==> New, More Strategic Action  

You see, business success isn't just about tactics, it's about fundamental shifts in the way you THINK - about yourself, your business, your audience and the world around you. So YES - you will get stuck. But through the two day live event and the mastermind that follows, you'll come to rethink EVERYTHING you thought you knew about concepts like "stuckness," "failure," "success," and all these other ideas that shape how take action (or don't!).  

What if my practice isn't full, but I already see the writing on the wall and know I want to do something different?  

 Then kudos to you! You'll be learning from our varied experiences around this. For example, I (Tiffany) traditionally did a lot of learning from the sidelines, looking out in the world and seeing what I want for myself. Even before being license, it quickly became clear that I was a sensitive mother fucker and sitting across from more than 10 clients - joining them in their pain, heartbreaking, joys, defeats - was going to be my max. I realized I had to START my practice with the end in mind and began looking for a way I could work with the clients I was passionate about serving, without compromising my income.  

Then there's Allison - (HI!) - who's a freakin' badass and was able to quickly build a thriving 6-figure practice... and then MOVE TO A NEW CITY AND DO IT AGAIN in less than a year. She dived in deep to learn and implement the fundamentals of practice building and was able to replicate this multiple times. After doing the work and loving the work, she realized that balancing a full case-load and two kids AND any semblance of a joyful life was too much. So she set out to discover how to move from having a primary income from doing individual psychotherapy to creating other income streams.  

So - whether you're in the "I'm seeing 30 clients and losing my mind!" camp or the "I only see 15 clients and already I'm wishing I was in Tahiti right now!" camp, we look forward to helping you re-structure your business so it touches upon all of the creative sweet spots you're looking to fill.  

What's the investment?  

This is where it gets ridiculous. Because we know you're not where you need to be YET, but you have what it takes to get there, we want to make this program affordable. We know what it means to have the drive, the passion, the creativity, the energy, yet not *quite* have the means to make it all happen at once.  

You'll get the live event (catered, but of course!), plus individual one-to-ones with BOTH of us, PLUS six months of weekly support AND a Facebook community for a one-time payment of $4,500 or you can hop on our 6 month payment plan of $775 per month.  

Will I be a millionaire, working from the beach at the end of six months?  

Uuuuuum. No.  

Your success with NEXT depends on where you start AND also on what you mean by "success!" We are the type of gals who have HUGE dreams... and then may feel a twinge of disappointment when our launches "only" bring in 20k. All this to say, part of creating a sustainable, profitable business model is about trial, error and REALITY.  

While some of our NEXTies experience astounding gains - like Joy who was able to totally replace her agency job income and quit by the end of he 6 month mastermind - most NEXTies realized that growth is a process and that it takes time. While you will certainly experiences wins, gains and growth - it is unlikely that you'll go from seeing 28 clients a week to sitting on a beach, sipping Mai Tai's while raking in $10,000/month in passive income by the end of 2019.  

What you WILL have is a roadmap to follow in order to create a business model that works for YOU, a new mindset that will allow you to overcome analysis paralysis and fear of failure, a powerful group of therapists that will act as your Hive Mind and be able to provide you resources to take the next step at every stage of the game.  

When is NEXT 2018?  

Wednesday, June 13th-Friday June 15th.  

Location: Asheville, North Carolina  


Schedule of Events:  

Wednesday Evening Pre-Funk: NEXT kicks off Wednesday evening at a hip-but-not-too-hip night out with friends and an Old Fashioned or two. You’ll get a chance to hobnob with Allison & Tiffany, meet your new crew and raise a pint to YOU and the next phase of your private practice!  

Day One: Getting Clear The first day is all about getting clear on where you are and where you are going. You’ll learn:  

  • The Foundation of Success: Get absolutely clear on your WHY - 1, 5, 10 years from now. This will be what buoys you as you build something bigger. You have probably explored your why before, but trust us, this is NEXT level shit.  
  • Building Your Tribe: Gain clear systems to build a community and learn the strategies to create a cohort of powerful, motivated, strategic others. As your business moves beyond the traditional therapy model, you’re going to need to surround yourself with bigger players.  
  • Mapping it Out: You will get laser focused on where you are and where you want to go, along with the ability to recognize and move through obstacles. We will teach you how to create meaningful goals and actually follow through. We know you’re busy and we’re busting through that excuse.  
  • Financial Come to Jesus: You will gain a realistic assessment of your financial vision, and remove the barriers keeping you from making it a reality. How big are your financial dreams? Do you know how to make $300K? $1M? Do you have a plan for that? Did reading that make you feel feelings? We’ll get to that, too. 

"I learned I was scared, scared of everything, and it was holding me back in a big way. I knew more money and more income streams were possible, but I was too scared. I always knew other options were possible, I just didn't think it was for me. I saw that anyone can do big things. Thank you, Allison and Tiffany for humanizing this biz stuff. I gained a community of like-minded dreamers that will get shit done, rather than just talking about getting shit done. In the first 45 days of NEXT, I doubled my income because I had the courage to raise my rate and drop the insurance panel."

Dr. Stephanie Waitt, 2017 NEXT Grad Founder of Texoma Specialty Counseling

Day Two: Next Level Shit

Day two is all about building on that foundation you built in day one. We’ll hold your hand and walk you through the steps to put that plan in place (and in your calendar) so that you and your newfound support system can ensure 2018 starts with a bang!  

  • Creative Next Steps for Badass Business: You will learn which streams of income make sense within the context of your life and your goals. You’ll leave with marketing directives to help you achieve everything you laid out in day one. Stop wasting time with half-assed attempts at making money “on the side” and learn the real life pros and cons of your options.Then stop half-assing your marketing. Get strategic. Get right. Basically, get your whole ass into this game. Back that thang up.  
  • Work at Work: Want to know the secrets of time management for those who live the Good Life? We’ve got it. You’ll learn how to structure your time & energy so you can be present with priorities one at a time.  
  • Systematize It: We’ll teach you how to create systems that are so tight a ten-year old could run that shit. From outsourcing and delegating, to procrastination & overwhelm, we’ve got you covered in day two. You’ll get a clear, infallible plan for successfully following through with your incremental steps, which will free you to take consistent, powerful action.  

The 6-Month Mastermind Group  

Accountability: A system for weekly accountability and support with your NEXT community Strategy: Twice monthly mastermind calls where you’ll each get one opportunity to be in the “hot seat of love.” You’ll rely on the brilliance of your community to strategize and plan. When it’s not your hot seat, you’ll get the opportunity to learn strategy by helping your fellow NEXTies tighten their systems and realize their dreams. Allison & Tiffany will join you each month so you’ll get both of their expertise. Weekly Calls: We’ll show you how to create powerful weekly calls with your group members so that you can continue building success beyond 2018.  

"NEXT has allowed me to get my consulting business off the ground WAY faster and better than I could have on my own. NEXT helped me understand my next steps, got me super excited and motivated, and gave me a group of like-minded ambitious peers to support and hold me accountable. Now I've had consulting clients, have built a mailing list, and am well on my way to launching my first online course." 

Linzy Bonham, 2017 NEXT Grad Founder of

If you're currently living option A: 

  • Waking up, frazzled;
  • Dreading another day of clients, where you start at 8am, have a fractured schedule that gets you home by 7pm, barely able to scarf down some Kettle chips and a goblet of wine;
  • All the while, consumed by the looming awareness that you're 3 weeks behind on notes, praying not to get audited for your CEU's, embarrased that you haven't gotten to your client's emails or checked your voicemail for over 6 days, terrified that you didn't put aside enough for taxes;

...all the while knowing that you have three more full days just like this one before you get to crash into a dissociated weekend of errands, relationship "obligations" and Call the Midwife...  

But you wish it looked just a bit more like option B: 

  • You get up in the morning and do a yoga class; 
  • Then take a few minutes to journal and drink tea; 
  • You find yourself looking forward to the day, inspired and knowing EXACTLY what to do in order to fulfill your dreams; 
  • You get off by 4 and enjoy a nice dinner with friends, without worrying about the cost, planning your next vacation, knowing the business will still be bringing in more than enough to feel secure;
  • You embody a deep sense of security and ease because you are actually following through with a clear plan and your bank account is reflecting your growth.

"It's not too early to jump aboard the NEXT train if you're an intern. I had doubts at first because I wasn't sure I was 'successful' enough to be part of the crew -- but I knew that my heart had big plans and I didn't want to wait until 'some day.' What I got with this program was a rock-solid team of inspired, wise, courageous, whip-smart therapreneurs who are in it with me. Now I have 13 mentor-colleagues who give me invaluable advice and inspiration daily. And the two-day intensive? It was like a cocoon of strength, creativity and knowledge-building that prepared me for flight!"

Lauren Selfridge, 2017 NEXT Grad Founder of

Because you KNOW you have the ability to play bigger.  

And you KNOW you have something to offer the world.  

But you just can't seem to figure out the steps to unleash the inspiration, energy and strategy to make it happen.

Then we invite you to fuckin' join us.