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Carolyn Alroy is a New York based analyst who sees working professionals and couples. She helps them gain success in work and relationships.

In this episode, Caroyln talks about the difficult journey she had in raising her fees over the years, a journey that has resulted in being able to charge $325-$400 per session.

In this episode, Carolyn will talk about:

Her journey from charging $82/sessions to charging up to $400 per session;

How investing in clinical supervision helped Carolyn step into valuing her own work;

How charging premium fees helped Carolyn create space for people who need
lower fees without sacrificing her own financial stability;

How Carolyn dealt with family shade due to her desire to build wealth;

How working on her own money mindset limitations allowed Carolyn’s clinical work
to blossom.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees Calculator

4 Ways to Raise Your Fees

More about Carolyn: 

Dr. AlRoy is a psychologist in New York City and New Jersey, with two decades of experience in private practice, and specialties in couples counseling, career/work issues and addiction.  She is available for psychotherapy and supervision, by phone or internet.  She LOVES being of service as a therapist and has the exact practice that she always wanted.

 Find more at: www.consultalroy.com