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In this episode, we’re speaking with Maegan Megginson who has a premium fee, cash pay group practice in Portland, Oregon, with ten therapists that work in the practice. 

You heard that right – no insurance!

Maegan also has another business called The Introverted CEO where she helps other introverted business owners create businesses that work for them.

In this episode, we’ll talk about Maegan’s journey to create multiple businesses that worked for her without burning herself out, being exhausted, or falling into the overworked-making-no money cycle that she saw so many therapists in.

In this episode, Maegan will share:

Her transformation from having negative thoughts and feelings about people charging premium cash fees to being someone who does that herself;

How charging premium fees allowed her the time and space to build all cash pay, premium fee group practice where she can really support and take care of her therapists;

How becoming overworked and stressed out as an HSP introverted therapist allowed her to realize she needed a new way of creating a successful business;

How taking care of herself and charging premium fees allowed her to retire her husband and participate in the Black Lives Matter movement without burning out or being overwhelmed.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


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Business Consulting for Introverted Service-Based Entrepreneurs

The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy

Maegan’s Instagram

More about Maegan: 

Maegan Megginson is a business consultant, licensed couples and sex therapist, group therapy practice owner, and self-diagnosed business-building addict. As an introvert and highly sensitive person, Maegan is very familiar with the struggle that arises when your energetic limitations conflict with your desire to build the business you know you’re capable of creating. Maegan is passionate about helping her clients create businesses that enable them to live life with less stress, more joy, and financial abundance.