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In this episode of The Money Sessions, we get to hear from Virginia based therapist Jenn Fredette. Jenn is going to talk about just how hard it was for her to leave her group practice, given that she felt a responsibility to stick with the people who launched her into her professional career, and why she ultimately decided to leave. AND – how she went straight into filling her own private practice while charging premium fees and taking private pay only. 

In this episode, Jenn will share:

How she knew it was time to leave her group practice, even though it felt like leaving her family

The mindset shifts that had to occur for her to go out on her own in solo practice from the group practice

3 Actionable strategies Jenn took to build her own practice after leaving a group

What it was like to move from a $50 fee to a $100 fee to $175 and the surprising feelings that came up around this transition.

The feeling of panic she experienced when experimenting with a $250 fee.

How getting her fees right gave her the time to branch out and start a podcast.

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Resources Mentioned:

Abundance Practice Building


Scattered Tribe Podcast

More about Jenn:

Jenn is a no-bullshit allowed therapist in the DC Metro area, who loves artisan made mint chocolate chip ice cream with loads of dark chocolate syrup, buying too many books on Amazon, and digging deep with young professionals who live balls to the walls and kickass at work, but long for to understand themselves on a deep, meaningful level.  Check out her amazing podcast Scattered Tribe.