Deep, thoughtful, raw, no bullshit conversations with real therapists who are in the midst of leaning into raising fees and making bank – all while working with the clients they are passionate about serving.

In this podcast series, you will hear from therapists in private practice talking about:

What it was really like to raise their fees in private practice;

What it took to leave agency jobs or group practices to go out on their own;

Real conversations with real clients about fee raises, cancellation policies and scheduling changes;

The real fees therapists are charging in their private practice – no fluff n stuff;

Fears, hopes, dreads, shames, guilts and insecurities therapists have about setting and getting their fees in practice;

How their clinical practices change as a result of raising fees;

How their lives have changed as a result of taking a real hard look at their private practice finances and then changing their practice policies to create a lifestyle that works for them and their families. 

AND SO MUCH MORE. Stay tuned!

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