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Jenn went from working in a group practice to earning 6-figures in her own practice.

"Through LIMB, I nearly doubled my salary, reduced the time I worked, and contributed to my retirement."

Jenn F., LMFT

It is possible for you to earn more in your practice, even if:

  • You’ve been in practice less than 3 years.
  • You don’t want to just work with rich people.  
  • You’re terrified at the thought of raising your fees.
  • You didn’t become a therapist just to make money.

Even though a 6-figure practice is so within reach -

Most therapists are blind to the one growth area that could fundamentally change the course of their private practice.

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Jelisha went from anxious charging $80/session to confidently earning $300/session.

"I feel confident AF.  Not only am I meeting personal goals and a work-life-balance I didn't know existed, my clients are thriving!  I truly look forward to going to work."

Jelisha G., LMFT

Vanessa went from charging $85/session to $250/session without compromising her values.

"Because of LIMB, two weeks back from back from maternity leave, I was full.

I feel really grateful to be able to be in private practice and be able to have that flexibility, but it's only really, truly made possible because of the fees that I've set."

Vanessa S., LCSW

Marissa went from working in Community Mental Health to charging $350/session in just 12 months.

This program was the momentum.

The only reason why I'm talking to you is because I participated and bought my seat in the program, professionally and personally. It has been valuable to me because I'm learning how to take up space and take what's mine.

Marissa E., LMFT

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What is The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy?

  • A 4 Step Framework that teaches you the skills to earn more in your practice + 12 months of support to help you stay on track.
  • A community of powerful clinicians who will provide the support you need to take action and challenge you to follow through.
  • An experience that increases your clinical skills and helps you create the business you actually wanted when you took the leap into private practice. 

“The price that you’ll pay up front, you’ll reap 10x’s the rewards just as a result of being able to go through this program. Hugely valuable!” ~Chelsea V., PhD

Created by Tiffany McLain

Tiffany McLain is a therapist consultant whose mantra is, “Full fees are the new black.” Via her business,, she helps upwardly mobile clinicians in private practice overcome their shame about marketing and making bank so they can help the clients they are truly passionate about serving. She’s been featured in Psychology Today Magazine, Psych Central, Huffington Post, KGO Radio and SF Weekly.  

Alisa went from charging $90/session to charging $200+/session - all while doing BETTER clinical work.

I’ve known I’ve needed to do LIMB for years and finally took the plunge and it is completely undoing me in the best way. I thought I was giving my clients the best care and I’m realizing that if I’m not clear on my money stories that are actually linked to so many other things, then I’m not actually giving my clients the care they need."

Alisa T., LMFT

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