"There’s nothing else like it that goes into this kind of depth about money in a clinical context and it’s opened me up to this whole new way of thinking about money in a clinical context."

Melanie E., LCSW

It is possible for you to earn more in your practice, even if:

  • You’ve been in practice less than 3 years.
  • You don’t want to just work with rich people.  
  • You’re terrified at the thought of raising your fees.
  • You didn’t become a therapist just to make money.

Even though a 6-figure practice is so within reach -

Most therapists are blind to the one growth area that could fundamentally change the course of their private practice.

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"I didn’t even realize that my anxiety about money and my hangups around money were impacting my clinical work until I did this program and had the experience of suddenly being freed up to talk about money with my clients in a clinically powerful, therapeutic way."

Gwyn, M.A.

“It’s been a way to unleash some things that we don’t really talk about and power and assumptions we make about ourselves and what we’re capable of. 

Next year, I’m looking to make twice as much money as I did this year, which will feel really really good.” 

Brennan M., LMHC 

“I was able to Increase my rates comfortably, talk about my rates confidently and no longer feel like I need to make accommodations for others to pay to see me.”

Montoyia M., LCSW

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What is Lean In. MAKE BANK.?

  • A 5-week course that teaches you the skills to earn more in your practice + a 12 month support to keep you on track.
  • A community of powerful clinicians who will provide the support you need to take action and challenge you to follow through.
  • An experience that increases your clinical skills and helps you create the business you actually wanted when you took the leap into private practice. 

“The price that you’ll pay up front, you’ll reap 10x’s the rewards just as a result of being able to go through this program. Hugely valuable!” ~Chelsea V., PhD

Founded by Tiffany McLain

Tiffany McLain is a therapist consultant whose mantra is, “Full fees are the new black.” Via her business, www.heytiffany.com, she helps upwardly mobile clinicians in private practice overcome their shame about marketing and making bank so they can help the clients they are truly passionate about serving. She’s been featured in Psychology Today Magazine, Psych Central, Huffington Post, KGO Radio and SF Weekly.  

"Her personality and what she brings as an individual is a big part of why this program is so successful. She's so encouraging and she'll be such a big cheerleader for all of us, but she's also not afraid to call you out on things when what you're doing doesn't quite jive with reality." 

~ Chelsea V, PhD

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