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In this episode, we are speaking with Drew Rabidoux, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based out of New York. Drew joins forces with women in developing boundaries to foster kick-a** relationships.

Drew will talk about how, after 20 years in Social Work, she was inspired to start her Private Practice only to be faced with a life-threatening situation which ultimately led her to raise her fees.

In this episode, Drew will share:

How 20 years in Social Work impacted her emotional well-being which inspired to start her Private Practice.

How a life-threatening medical experience led her to raise her fees.

Why she invested in both The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy and The Inner Circle at the same time.

How she wrestled with her internal conflict of helping the community vs. taking care of her family.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees 

The Inner CIrcle

More About Drew:

Drew is an LCSW in NYC who is now building a completely virtual practice. She is a community service junkie (alum of AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps), boyband fanatic, and a COVID19 survivor. Having COVID19 left a chronic illness and has opened her eyes to the need to take care of herself and make her practice work to support it. To contact – drewrabidoux@gmail.com